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Join the Campus Activity Programming Board and the Hunger Free Student Advisory Council as we compete in the 19th Annual Weld Food Bank Compete to Beat Hunger event, a friendly competition among thousands of employees in Weld County. In addition to fostering friendly competition while boosting employee engagement and morale, Compete to Beat Hunger aims to educate our community about local hunger and poverty issues through direct involvement and impact.

The competition runs from June - 23. We will collect monetary donations and food to earn points during that time. We will also ask Aims students, employees and community members to volunteer at the Weld Food Bank.

The winner will receive a trophy to proudly display for the year. The Weld Food Bank will award 6 categories during the challenge. Overall Award Per Employee Capita, Most Dollars Raised, Most Food Donations Collected, Most Volunteer Hours, Best Can Sculpture (DIY Homemade, Contractor, & Architect).

Please be on the lookout for ways you can help Aims win a trophy and bragging rights for being #1 in the fight against hunger in Weld County.

How Points Work

$1 donated = 10 points

1 volunteer hour = 5 points

1 pound of food = 5 points

Pickup or drop-off of food =500 points weekly

  • Zila Sifuentes
  • Krystal Mckelvey
  • Julie Osborne

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