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260 College Avenue, Fort Lupton, CO 80621

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Have you ever looked at a vegetable you were eating and thought to yourself, 'Someone had to plant this, invest their life in this, water and care for this, pick this and process this, all so you can enjoy your potatoes with your roast beef?'

But as food becomes more and more accessible, people are less likely to ask this question. And that is why we should educate ourselves on agriculture and our roots, because Fort Lupton thrives on agriculture, so we should know where we came from.

And what better way to do that than an educational farmers market! At this Aims event, there will be an agricultural teacher who will be there to educate people.

There will be free produce and beverages that are freshly supplied! Dig up our roots and remember that we thrive on farming, and we should never forget the work that is put into our food!

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