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The Center for Diversity and Inclusion (CDI)  will host a tabling event to celebrate South Korean Black Day. Black Day is a celebration for singles mostly celebrated in South Korea focusing on community and cultural food. There will be packaged black bean noodle packets, black candies, background information on the event, and additional facts and information to de-stigmatize being single. Students will also learn more about the cultural significance of Black Day.


South Korean Black Day

Black day is an unofficial widespread holiday in South Korea celebrated every year on April 14th. On this day, single people dress in black colors, go out with friends or family, and eat JaJamyeon, which are Chinese-Korean style noodles in black bean sauce. In South Korea, there are over 13 romantic holidays throughout the year and their culture highly emphasizes the value and importance of couples and romance, which has led to societal pressure to have romantic relationships. On Valentine's Day in South Korea, gender roles are reversed and the girl is expected to give gifts to the guy. On March 14, a month from Valentine’s Day,  what is commonly known as White Day is celebrated, during which men give reciprocal gifts back to women. 

A month after White Day, on April 14, Black Day is celebrated with a group of friends celebrating their singleness and eating black bean noodles as a counter to all the romantic holidays. It then gained widespread popularity throughout South Korea. Now there is less social pressure for romance, and Black Day has changed into a cultural celebration and awareness for single people. Many companies also promote this holiday as a marketing strategy with speed dating events and Jajameyon eating contests.

Ways to Celebrate Black Day
Dress in black on April 14, such as a black hoodie and black pants. Wearing black symbolizes a person who is not in a relationship and/or looking for one.  Eat Black bean noodles for Jajangmyeon with friends and family. Visit popular Korean restaurants near you, you can find packaged Jajangmyeon from your local Asian markets or online stores. You may also decide to make this traditional recipe from scratch, learn more about recipes available online. Click Here for more info about this dish and various ways to prepare this dish.  Take yourself on a date. Black day is all about comfort and actively spending some time with yourself at home or outside.  Talk to people about the cultural event, share the cultural significance, and spread awareness.



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