New Calendar Overview

Localist is community event software that the Aims Community College Marketing and Communications team chose as our new events solution. The previous calendar solutions certainly served their purposes, but as time went on, the college ultimately outgrew the level of functionality that they offered. So, the Marcom team worked together to vet for a new tool! In their search, they identified centralization, event awareness/sense of community, and virtual/online event management as some of their top goals for the transition to a new calendar solution.


Previously, you could find any number of calendars used to display events. Many had their own internal calendars, while others sent newsletters with event information. With this many calendars, it isn't guaranteed that all event content is properly shared across the community, or that the branding would be consistent to really look and feel like Aims Community College. Aims Community College has many great events, but previously didn't have the means of putting that information in one place for all attendees to easily browse.

Virtual Event Management

With events moving to a largely-online medium, the need to easily pivot came to the forefront. Localist makes it easy to create Virtual, In-Person, and Hybrid events to keep those campus-connections strong. Ultimately Aims Community College wanted a solution that would lead to more connections, and a more engaged community -- so now, enter Localist.

What is Localist?

Localist is a SaaS company and our platform is a community events calendar. Our vision is to help connect communities through their events. Our tools balance the needs of the event manager, with the ideal audience experience. Localist helps organizations easily publish, manage, and promote their events with a personally branded events calendar. Built-in tools, such as Widgets, Channels, and social features help you spread the word about your events, thus encouraging your audiences to connect.

Organizations turn to Localist when they want to optimize the power and reach of their events. Using Localist as your calendar solution offers the efficiency of a centralized marketing calendar, the power of social sharing tools, and the intelligence of analytics to optimize event marketing performance. We find that when people meet face-to-face, whether it be online or in-person, a stronger connection is the result. Bringing people together around a common cause or interest through your events sparks thousands of these connections in a single moment.


For more information on how Localist helps the Aims Community College Calendar Team meet their goals of Centralization, Event Awareness and Flexible Event Experiences be sure to check out the training videos. Topics include:


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